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I have a problem with the game, I'm playing as Brunei and would like to fabricate a claim on a province held by Majapahit but the game tells me that I can't fabricate a claim because I have no possible neighbouring provinces. Funny thing is Majapahit has already fabricated claims on 3 of my provinces and is currently going for a fourth (have no ideia what their plan is since their military is. Imperium Universalis (559BC - 300AD) A player can no longer fabricate claims in Imperium Universalis. There are now two different Casus Bellis: Border Conquest and Hegemony. The Hegemony Casus Belli will allow the player to vassalize other nations. The Border Conquest is for the direct annexation of provinces. This Casus Belli will always be there, ready for use against neighboring. Remember to subscribe for more: http://www.youtube.com/user/Snowiifrog?sub_confirmation=1 ☑ Viewed? ☐ Liked? ☐ Subscribed

A spy network can be used to fabricate a claim on a neighboring province or a province across a single sea zone as long as the claimant nation and the owner of the target province are at peace with each other. A nation which has completed Exploration ideas may also fabricate claims in colonial regions, even without bordering that province You can fabricate claims over shared sea zones. You can always demand provinces in a peace deal even if you don't have a claim. They're just more expensive to demand, cost more diplomatic power and more aggressive expansion (this depends on the wargoal as well), and both cost more and take longer to core afterwards. knul General. 17 Badges. Jan 15, 2006 2.412 3. Sep 10, 2013 #7 With Ming I was. The easiest way to generate a casus belli is to fabricate a claim on one of the target's provinces. This is done by selecting Covert Actions and then Fabricate Claim. Also you may use the Summon War Council button in the Government view if it is available for a free claim AE_FABRICATE_CLAIM = 5, -> fürs Claim fabrizieren PO_ANNEX_BADBOY = 18, -> fürs Annektieren PO_DEMAND_PROVINCES_BADBOY = 18, -> fürs Provinzen fordern Die Werte einfach auf 0 ändern. Ultima Ratio Regum - EU4 Balance Mod. Nach oben. Shadow Dragon Signifer Beiträge: 438 Registriert: 10. November 2012 09:55. Re: [Europa Universalis IV] Agressive Expansion abschwächen. Beitrag von Shadow. Hey community! I just got the Imperium Universalis mod last night, and it's awesome so far! I have a couple questions though that I can't find answers to anywhere online, so I was hoping for some help. Is there some way I can see how much food I make every summer? I know I can see how much food I consume, and my store of food at any given time, but I cant find anywhere that has food income.

Imperium's experts specialize in multiple claims processes, such as navigating insurance coverage, construction contract language and government contract regulations. Imperium has experts in each area and professionals who understand how more than one discipline can apply to the same claim. As a result, we help clients simplify and focus a recovery strategy while delivering industry best. A claim on a territory is an assertion by a particular country that the territory, for some particular reason, rightfully belongs to that nation. Claims give a casus belli to the country that has with the claim and give access to the conquest war goal, which makes claims very important for countries seeking to expand by war.They can be manually fabricated using the Fabricate claim diplomatic. Europa Universalis 3 Wiki Active Wikis. Empire of Sin AoW: Planetfall Cities: Skylines Crusader Kings 3 Europa Universalis 4 Hearts of Iron 4 Imperator: Rome Prison Architect Stellaris Surviving Mars Surviving the Aftermath. Legacy Wikis. Crusader Kings 2 Arsenal of Democracy Europa Universalis 2 Europa Universalis 3 Europa Universalis: Rome Hearts of Iron 2 Hearts of Iron 3 Steel Division. Fabricate claim Main article: Claim. Claims that are granted by missions behave just like fabricated claims, although their duration may be different depending on mission parameters. Besides providing a conquest CB, claimed provinces have the following benefits when conquered: −10% Core-creation cost −10% Local autonom

Up-to-date, detailed help for the Europa Universalis IV (EU4) command add_claim. This page includes help on how to use the command, argument explanation and examples. This command claims the province with the specified ID for either your current country, or the country with the specified country tag (if you specify a country tag) In Imperium Universalis you can take control of any of those realms and many hundreds more. This mod completely overhauls many aspects of the Europa Universalis 4 experience. A completely new development mechanic, integrated special units, and time period-specific technologies are just a few of the features you experience You can fabricate claims to any neighbouring province, including those who are separated by a single sea province. For example, if you control Cadiz or Granada, you should be able to fabricate a claim in Morocco, or possibly trigger a holy war casus belli. Another option is to abandon the Morocco plans, and instead target the Azores. That way, you might be able to colonize Africa (depending on. EU4 Cheats is a searchable list of all EU4 Console Commands for the lastest version on Steam (PC and Mac).. Type the name of a console command into the search box to instantly search 305 EU4 commands.Hover over a cheat code to view detailed argument explanation

Imperium Paradoxum > Europa Universalis IV > Game 5 > Suggestions > Expansion Rule. Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 5 posts Expansion Rule Expansion Rule. Alexius. 155. Honorary member. It's a way to liberate the oppressed peoples across the border. It gives you a claim to the province obviously that you can use as a reason to sent forth your liberating legions and spread freedom (of sorts) across the world. Even if you're using.

Welcome to my brand new series on Imperium Univeralis! Watch as I restore the Macedonian empire to it's former glory, I am the second coming of Alexander the Great. -Here's a link to the mod. Welcome to the Imperium Universalis Wikia [edit | edit source]. Imperium Universalis is a full conversion mod for Europa Universalis IV. Taking place in Age of Empires with start date 10th of August year 165 AUC* (612 BCE), spanning the entire journey through Archaic Period, Classical Period, Early Hellenistic Period, Late Hellenistic Period, Imperial Period to end in Early Migration Period.

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  2. Claim What You Deserve in Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Tue, Mar 03, 2020 15:02 CET. Paradox Announces Large New Expansion to Flagship Series. STOCKHOLM - 03 MARCH 2020 - From the churches of Rome, the people are called to abide by the one true faith. From the palaces of Vienna, the subjects are commanded to obey their chosen ruler
  3. Fabricating a claim gives you a Conquest Casus Belli (Case for War) to take land from another country. If you don't have a claim, you'll garner more Aggressive Expansion and it will take longer to integrate the new province into your kingdom. Also, without a claim, it will cost Diplomatic points to demand the province
  4. Fabricate claim on a mamluk province close to the ottomans so you can declare war on them in a bit. War with the Mamluks After you have secured the alliance with Turks you will declare war on the Mamluks with promise of land. That war should be pretty straight forward. Just assist your ally whenever possible. You can take the 3 provinces you need to form Jerusalem but don't forget to give enough land to the Ottomans that they don't lose any trust. This is kinda important as you will need.
  5. DIPLOMATIC_ACTION_FABRICATE_CLAIM_HRE_FACTOR = 0.75, --AI scoring for fabricating claims if both parts are HRE: DIPLOMATIC_ACTION_FABRICATE_CLAIM_HRE_EMPEROR_FACTOR = 0.5, --AI scoring for fabricating claims if province is HRE and they are emperor (does not stack with the above penalty
  6. How Do You Claim a Territory In Europa Universalis 4? The most basic way to claim territory is to fabricate a claim. You fabricate a claim by creating a spy network in a province that's adjacent to your nation or within one sea zone of your territory, each country must is at peace with the other one. The exception to this type of claim is if you've completed exploration ideas, then a claim can be fabricated in colonial regions that aren't adjacent to your territory. The claim only.

Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy video game in the Europa Universalis series, developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. The game was released on. Imperium in ancient Rome was a word used for someone who holds absolute authority, mostly in the sense of 'power of command' (an army). The geographical reach of this authority was also defined as Imperium. If I may quote wiki on this: Imperium is a Latin word which, in a broad sense, translates roughly. 10-20 Patrimonialism (Cost to Fabricate Claims +15%; Discipline -7.5%) 20-30 Nominal Merit System (Cost to Fabricate Claims +10%; Discipline -5%) 30-40 Nominal Merit System (Cost to Fabricate Claims +5%; Discipline -2.5%) 80-100 Meritocracy (Spy Offense +10%; Advisor Cost +10%) Free Subjects representing the average freedom of your core territory; this is a quick reference for the player to. The Memel Incident was a phony war in Imperium Offtopicum: Valkyrie. In 1923, Lithuania demanded that Germany cede the Memel Territory on threat of war. Germany responded by petitioning the Entente for support, threatening to suspend reparation payments to finance its war effort

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Upon winning a claim war, you will gain the title and you'll gain 100 prestige. If it ends in a stalemate, you'll lose 100 prestige; If it ends in loss, the claim will be lost in addition to 200 prestige. Multiple claim wars on a single title cause all attackers to be hostile against each other. If the target title changes hands (whether due to another claim war or any other reason), the claim war will continue against the new controller Imperium Paradoxum >. Europa Universalis IV >. Game 22 > The Yuan Empire was a Chinese faction in ClassicIOT: Cold War, played by Ailedhoo. It was conceived as an imperial revival following the collapse of the People's Republic of China, led by self-proclaimed People's Emperor Yan Ju-Long. Its political culture was a bizarre mix of dynasticism and..

Representing a restoration of the Qing Dynasty, the last imperial dynasty of China which was founded in 1636 and ruled China from 1644 until its downfall in the Xinhai Revolution and Wuchang uprising of 1911-1912, the Chinese Empire is a special formable nation in Waking the Tiger that can only be formed by Manchukuo through the National Focus Claim the Mandate of Heaven War for the Emperor . Casus Belli. Annex Daimy

The Imperial army blazes a trail through Prussia, and there's literally nothing they could do to stop it. They quickly surrender the two offending border provinces that we have cores on, and a truce is signed. Georg's ambition continues to grow, and he uses his same bureaucratic tricks to make claims on the throne of Castille. Hundreds of thousands of troops and about a thousand little banners pour into Castille through France, forcing them to submit to the reality that our spies have created The Casus Belli ID for Annexation War is cb_annex. Use the commands add_cb and remove_cb. Casus belli is a Latin term meaning case of war. In the game, a country with a casus belli (CB) on another country is deemed to have a valid cause for war

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The gate exists and it is now open and so the Imperium must either destroy it or claim it -- there is no other choice that is commensurate with the security of the Emperor's realms. But the problem has been made more complicated by the fact that the Imperium's savants have so far discovered no method for controlling the Warp Gate's functions short of destroying the physical structure of one of. Re: Europa Universalis IV « Antwort #375 am: 25.September 2013, 16:29:25 » Es wurde ein paar Ideen verändert, so zum Beispiel bei den Schiffsideen das +100% auf +50% gedreht Imperium Universalis simulates this with a food system. Provinces and armies all need food for development and consumption, while certain provinces with the food trade good produce it every summer, allowing it to either be exported or used to feed your hungry population. Along with grub, the mod also introduces slaves that can be taken from battles, but you can be less of a dick by abolishing it entirely Inter Caetera: Can fabricate claims on any overseas province, +1 Colonists. The Inter Caetera was issued by Pope Alexander III for the Spanish kings right to claim lands south and west of the Azores. This resulted the Spanish claiming and colonizing most of South America and Latin America in the new world. In game, Spain can make claims on any.

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For example, you can pick the Administrative idea group, fabricate a claim and advance adm tech to gain a minimum core creation cost; Or you can pick Humanist idea group which reduces both unrest and seperatism, and keep a lot of provinces for PAC ; As religion also plays an important role in PAC, Religious idea group may be another good choice; Building a Province Government in the conquered. User Submitted Content. Files ; Images; Reviews ; Session Reports ; Videos; Blogs; Podcast Fabricate a claim and invade Cleves, then do the same thing with Gerle. Now when you reach tech 5, do exploration ideas and rush it. You also want to core Gerle as fast as you can so you can get a fleet, also get an explorer and head off for the new world! Landing in the Carribean! So if you landed in there fast, then great. Do expansion ideas and colonize 5 carribean tiles, but watch out for. Emperor will be accompanied by a major update free for all Europa Universalis IV players, that includes a redrawn map of west and central Europe, Crown Lands, new ideas and a host of other major changes. If you want to know more of what's coming in Emperor and it's accompanying free update, then check out our development diaries When your spy network reaches 20.00 in size, fabricate a claim on Timbuktu and declare war. Make sure to also get your new allies involved. Siege the castle in Timbuktu (and perhaps claim some.

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Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy video game in the Europa Universalis series, developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. The game was released on 13 August 2013. It is a strategy game where players can control a nation from the Late Middle Ages through the early modern period (1444 to 1821 AD), conducting trade, administration, diplomacy. Claim What You Deserve in Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Tue, Mar 03, 2020 15:02 CET. Paradox Announces Large New Expansion to Flagship Series. STOCKHOLM - 03 MARCH 2020 - From the churches of Rome, the people are called to abide by the one true faith. From the palaces of Vienna, the subjects are commanded to obey their chosen ruler. From the streets of Paris, a new generation of citizens pursues its own zealous mission. All choose their path, all aspire to Empire In the numerous manifestos of the Pope and the Emperor the antagonism between Church and State became more evident: the Pope claimed for himself the imperium animarum (command of the souls, i.e. voicing God's will to the faithful) and the principatus rerum et corporum in universo mundo (primacy over all things and bodies in the whole world), while the Emperor wished to restore the imperium mundi, imperium (as under Roman Law) over the (now Christian) world. Rome was again to. Now my casus belli is gone and I need to fabricate claims for every single province. Not only that, but being westernized, their troops will be much more advanced (and since this is India also very numerous - their numbers were already challenging before westernization and I had to acquire alliances in India to this end). So, two questions

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  1. - Japanese CBs will now give 75% AE for all provinces held by Daimyos, Independent Daimyos and the Shogunate, rather than 50% for all provinces which you have claims on. # Othe
  2. Strategyturk Forumları > Paradox Forumları > Europa Universalis IV > EU4 - 1.16 Claim Imperium: 14 #2. 05-04-2016, 20:22 %100 değil %10 olduğu anda tekrar diplomasiye gelip fabricate claim seçeneğini işaretle anında claim oluyor..
  3. For idea group ideas, see Fikir grupları. For the ideas of American natives, see Native council#Native ideas. For the idea groups linked to Policies, see Policies. For the generic 'National ideas' set, see Generic ideas. 1 Swap National ideas 2 Countries 3 Group national ideas 4 Converter-only Each country in the game has access to seven national ideas. These ideas help define the strengths.
  4. Imperial Authority: Императорская Власть: Instant Movement: Мгновенные Перемещения: Colonization in a Month: Колонизация за Месяц: Fabricate Claim in a Month: Фабриковать Запросы за Месяц : Super Development City: Супер Продуктивный Город: Freeze Current Day: Заморозить.

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Europa Universalis 4 Memes For Kids Technology group. Western Traditions: +0.5 Yearly army tradition −10% Aggressive expansion impact +10% National tax modifier. Divide the Estates −10% Stability cost modifier. Army Professionalism +20% Morale of armies. Noble Cadets −1% Yearly army tradition decay. The Goose Step +20% Infantry combat ability. Regimental Cantons +25% National manpower. Europa Universalis IV Game Guide. Table of Contents. Development | Administration EU IV Guide. 0. Post Comment. 1. 2. Next Religion and culture Religion Prev Administration Missions, decisions and historical events. Technological development in EUIV may seem complicated, at first, but after you give it a closer scrutiny, it will turn out to be quite simple. First of all, Monarch Power points. Am using the latest trainer, and am experiencing some issues: A bit into the game, infinite money seems to stop working. Although, stops working doesn't seem right. It's more that my income becomes so big that the game counts it as a negative number. Infinite sailors resets to 100 after playing for a bit

First Moves. As a free city, Bremen is protected by the Emperor at the beginning of the game.As the player's goal will probably be to grow as fast as possible, they'll lose this protection early into the game. Bremen is quite weak but still richer than some of its OPM-neighbors Europa Universalis IV; Wenn dies Ihr erster Besuch hier ist, lesen Sie bitte zuerst die Nutzungsbedingungen durch. Sie müssen sich vermutlich registrieren, bevor Sie Beiträge verfassen können. Klicken Sie oben auf 'Registrieren', um den Registrierungsprozess zu starten. Sie können auch jetzt schon Beiträge lesen. Suchen Sie sich einfach das Forum aus, das Sie am meisten interessiert. Nachtrag (05.04.2016, 19:28 Uhr): Der DLC und der Patch sind ab sofort erhältlich. Den Changelog zum Update 1.16 erhaltet ihr über diesen Link. Der Zusatzinhalt ist zum B. Europa Universalis IV Cheats. The fourth upcoming game in the Europa Universalis series with new features like online multiplayer and trading systems

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  1. Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Grand Strategy, Historical, Real-Time Strategy -50% 9.99 USD Buy Now. 19.99 USD-50%. We create the games, you create the stories Browse Games A Free Digital PDXCON Experience PDXCON Remixed is all about the amazing worlds in the Paradox universe, and the stories they can help you tell! Join us for an unforgettable weekend of games, people, and unique experiences.
  2. +50% fabricate claim cost +50% envoy travel time-1 available diplomats Random outcome event now happens once every 2 months instead of 7 days. Outcomes are: -Inspired gives Splendor or Prestige as well as +50 in their monarch type.-Nothing (search continues)-Madam is found (ends search, removes modifiers) At anytime you can choose to let locals take over search, it may however take longer.
  3. In Europa Universalis IV, you control the fate of any of the hundreds of countries around the world through the maelstrom of the early modern era, from the Age of Discovery to the rise of Napoleon. Mandate of Heaven further enhances this epic experience by adding greater depth to playing the major powers of East Asia and adding a new Ages system to add more short-term goals. Features of.
  4. Europa Universalis Memes. 4,358 likes · 2 talking about this. top kek EUIV memes, other
  5. # Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise Features ##### Features in the Expansion: - Playable colonial nations. Start the game as the 13 colonies and fight free of the British or play as a.
  6. Paradox Interactiveの新作「Europa Universalis IV」のインプレッションをお届けしよう。ヨーロッパ世界を中心にした,400年間の歴史の激しいうねりを追.

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Imperial Authority - Императорская Власть. Instant Movement - Мгновенные Перемещения. Colonization in a Month - Колонизация за Месяц. Fabricate Claim in a Month - Фабриковать Запросы за Месяц . Super Development City - Супер Продуктивный Город. Freeze Current Day - Заморозить Т Claim Ninja Krowns. Shred Ninja Item . 25. Redeem Ninja Voucher Features of Europa Universalis IV: Emperor includes: A Powerful Pope Appoint cardinals, publish Papal Bulls and gather tithes. The Vatican and Papal Controller now have new abilities to sway the souls of the Catholic faithful. New Holy Roman Empire System Deal with major imperial incidents that challenge royal power in pursuit. Imperium Universalis Mar 27 2021 Released Feb 28, 2021 Grand Strategy We write the year 612 before the birth of Christ, the Middle East is caught in the middle of a conflict between the Assyrian Empire and the Medo-Babylonian... Tenka Fubu Mar 14 2021 TBD Grand Strategy Tenka Fubu is mod that aims to improve player experience when playing as one of the japanese daimyo. Frin's x10 mod for EU4.

Numpad 5 - Fabricate Claim In Month Numpad 6 - Army Tradition Numpad 7 - Navy Tradition Numpad 8 - Imperial Authority Numpad 9 - Super City Development Numpad 0 - Freeze Day. Notice: Colonization in month cheat will make the colonization finish instant but the colonizer you sent will need a month to get back Global Empire. +5% Claim duration. Can fabricate claims in any colonial region belonging. to another nation who are also overseas from the. province, or to their colonial nations. Bonus. Can fabricate claim overseas in colonial regions. * Some countries don't need Dip tech 20. If you have your capital in one of the following regions (France super. Europa Universalis IV Cheats. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Europa Universalis IV for PC. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to.

Subsequent Inquisitorial studies claim that these Space Marines are drawn from several Chapters, including the Minotaurs, and it is re-designated the Jericho Sector in the great Imperium Universalis. The sector capital is the Hive World of Verronus which once served as a Great Crusade way-station and has maintained its likes to the wider human domains in the preceding centuries, while the. Step 1: Fabricate Claim. This is the reason most people don't play as Ireland when they learn to play. Other countries can gain lands by pressing other claims, but Irish usually have to do without it at the beginning, which is bit tedious. If you managed to fabricate the claim, just press it and win war and proceed to next step. Step 2: Foregin Climants. If you didn't or you don't want. Europa Universalis III Though it doesn't matter much anyway, since I'm modding in an event to create a half-dozen Imperial substates so that I don't have to manage the entire country and just wait around for the next 250 years curbstomping rebels and naught else. (I plan to release them all at about 1800 from vassalization so that Victoria will be super awesome.) Logged. Mod for game Europa Universalis IV. Contribute to Feas2016/Russian-Universalis development by creating an account on GitHub Author Topic: Europa Universalis III (Read 366143 times) Catastrophic lolcats. Bay Watcher [FORTRESSDESTROYER:2] Re: Europa Universalis III « Reply #2100 on: June 30, 2012, 09:43:19 am » That is a very interesting question. Logged Dutchling. Bay Watcher; Ridin' with Biden; Re: Europa Universalis III « Reply #2101 on: June 30, 2012, 11:10:40 am » I assume The Knights vassalised a very small.

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Fabricate as many claims as you can and ALWAYS turn them into a vassal (can be any type). These combined lets you expand for 25% of the aggressive expansion and warscore. You can easily provoke your vassals into rebelling by using Harsh Tributes button in the economy screen (works on every type of subject). This will let you take all their land for free. The only downside being you have to. Novus Imperium Romanum . The Novus Imperium Romanum (a mistranslation of 'New Roman Empire') is a faction that may be formed by Italy after taking the national focus 'Italy First'. Possible members Italy (automatic) Bulgaria (automatic) Romania Kingdom of Hungary Japan Manchukuo Mengkukuo Nationalist Spain Portugal Kingdom of Greec Paradox Development Studios, the developer of Europa Universalis IV, annouced the most recent DLC for the title, 'Mare Nostrum' will release on April 5, 2016. Paradox revealed the DLC in a. By 1670 there were British American colonies in New England, Virginia, and Maryland and settlements in the Bermudas, Honduras, Antigua, Barbados, and Nova Scotia. Jamaica was obtained by conquest in 1655, and the Hudson's Bay Company established itself in what became northwestern Canada from the 1670s on Or, you might entirely fabricate a claim, using your Court Chaplain to dig through the annals of history and tenuously draw some reason why you should be owner of a territory instead of its current ruler. In any case, declaring war through a casus belli can be an expensive process. It will cost a chunk of prestige, and wars fought on behalf of.

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ClaimFabrication(reduces the time to Fabricate Claims by 50%) Cabinet(increases your Diplomatic Upkeep by 3) Adaptability(speeds up your core creation by 33%) RevolutionandCounter-Revolution(grants a permanent Casus Belli against ; other government types) Diplomatic Influence (increases your Diplomatic Reputation by 3 GSL Code A - TY, sOs, Maru advance to Code S New ladder maps for first season of 2021? Liquibet SC2 Season 24 Begins A Look Back at SC2 2010 GSL Code A Season 1 - Day 1 Preview (2021

Europa Universalis IV Trainer +6 V1.1 Europa Universalis IV Trainer +6 V1.1.0 (17db) Imperial Authority; Instant Movement; Colonization in a Month; Fabricate Claim in Month; Super Development City; Freeze Current Day; Inf.Sailors; No Corruption; Notice: Colonization in month cheat will make the colonization finish instant but the colonizer you sent will need a month to get back . For Super. The upcoming Mare Nostrum add-on for Europa Universalis IV, dealing with all things naval and coastal, will be released on 5 April.It'll cost $15.00 USD, and the game will get a major free patch.

For Europa Universalis IV on the PC, GameFAQs has 378 cheat codes and secrets new eu4 version trainer needs update :) @kinqjojuh It turns every provinces development into 100 for base tax, base production, and base manpower. It's recommended to pause the game before you activate this. Otherwise, your enemy/other nations will get this advantages and possibly lag the game too

They've tied all espionage actions together and both expanded espionage, in that I rarely did more with espionage than fabricate claims, and simplified it in that there is now just a single. Europa Universalis IV, Crusader Kings 2, and Cities: Skylines are probably your best bets out of the 6 options considered. Lots of depth is the primary reason people pick Europa Universalis IV over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision If Cherokee is still in existence by 1860 it is without a doubt sphered by USA. The different scenarios does not change the overall strategy in the civil war. One will have to create a CB to attack CSA and claim the most valuable province. One will have to move fast as one have to fabricate the CB and finish the war, before USA does so

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