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All members of the armed forces are automatically enrolled into the Armed Forces Pension Scheme. Unlike all other public schemes, members pay 0% in contributions each month. The scheme is unfunded.. Guidance and documents relating to the Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2015. Guidance and documents relating to the Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2005. Guidance and documents relating to the Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975. Guidance and documents relating to the Reserve pension schemes If you need more information on Armed Forces Pension Schemes, please contact Veterans UK using one of the following options: Joint Personnel Administration Centre ( JPAC ): Freephone (UK only. Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2015 (AFPS 15): All new entrants on or after 1 April 2015 joined this scheme. All paid service counts towards pension. Claim at your state pension age, or age 55 at a reduced rate.Serving personnel aged 45 or over on 1 April 2012 remain in their 'old' scheme but anyone else has been transferred to AFPS 15

The Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2015 (AFPS 15) was introduced on 1 April 2015. If you're a serving member of the armed forces (including the reserve forces) your pension will have been transfered to AFPS 15. This is unless you qualified for transitional protection, which meant you could stay with one of the previous schemes Please see read Coronavirus - Changes to Veterans UK Services The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) compensates for any injury, illness or death which was caused by service on or after 6.. Veterans UK administer the Armed Forces Pensions Schemes, the occupational schemes for those who have served in the Armed Forces. It is very important to keep us informed of your current address especially as you reach retirement age - call the JPAC on 0800 085 3600 to update your details. Veterans Welfare Service (VWS People serving in the Armed Forces, husbands, wives and dependant children can buy the HM Forces Railcard. This gives you 1/3 off most rail fares throughout the UK for a year. War widows or widowers and their dependants who are getting an Armed Forces pension are also eligible for a Railcard FY5 3WP. Email: veterans-uk@mod.gov.uk. Freephone (UK only): 0808 1914 2 18. Telephone (overseas): +44 1253 866 043. Normal Service 8.00 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday. When the helpline is closed.

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Veterans UK delivers the Armed Forces Pension Schemes (AFPS), War Pension Scheme (WPS) and Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS), making payments to those injured or disabled due to service in.. You may be eligible for an armed forces pension if you're a current or former member of the armed forces. If you're currently serving in the armed forces As a member of the armed forces you'll have been enrolled in a pension scheme automatically. They also administer the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme for serving and former serving personnel who are injured as a result of their service in the Armed Forces. Veterans UK Welfare Service in Scotlan The Forces Pension Society, which has helped 3,800 veterans or their families with pension queries since 2017, said more than 1,500 did not know whether they had a pension entitlement - of which.. The War Pension Scheme is a type of compensation scheme for veterans. This fund compensates for any injury, illness or death caused by those in the Armed Forces before April 6, 2005. Express.co.uk.

• If you have an enquiry for the Armed forces Pension Scheme, please call the JPAC Enquiry Centre on 0800 085 3600 or email DBS-PensionsHelp@dbspv.mod.uk The form will not save in • older versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader • other pdf readers, for example Preview on a Mac or Foxit on a PC Feedbac Armed Forces and Reserve Forces Pension Schemes Request for Forecast of Former Spouse Pension Credit You are entitled to one forecast in any 12-month period free of charge in compliance with current legislation. If you request any additional forecasts, a charge will be applies. PLEASE NOTE - THIS FORM MUST BE RETURNED BY POST

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  1. On 1st April 2015 the Armed Forces introduced their CARE scheme (AFPS 15) for every form of paid service - Regular or Reserve. Servicemen and women who were members of AFPS 75 or AFPS 05 and under a certain age (45 for Regulars and 50 for Reservists) on 1st April 2012 had to move across to the new scheme. All pension earned up to 31st March 2015 in a legacy scheme became an accrued pension.
  2. Those who have already left the Armed Forces will be 'retrofitted' with the remedy based on their choice of eligible Scheme and known end of service date. Affected personnel will be contacted by Veterans' UK in due course. We are now studying the full announcement and associated documentation in detail and will provide further updates
  3. istered by Equiniti: Phone: 0345 607 6838 . Email: pensionsupport@equiniti.com. Manage your pension with our Compendia Self-Service app. Accessing your pension details has never been easier with our self-service website and app for your.
  4. AFCSWPS0001 Veterans UK Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and War Pensions Scheme Claim Form and notes about how to claim This form should be completed if you want to make a claim for an injury or..
  5. family may receive after your death or would like a pension forecast, please contact Veterans UK (for contact details see 4.1). Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2015 (AFPS 15) 1.5 A new pension scheme will commence on 1 April 2015. Members of AFPS 75 who are in service on or after 1 April 2015, will be transferred to AFPS 15 excep
  6. Find out more. For help with an Appeals Tribunal or general advice call our free contact centre on 0808 802 8080, or email info@britishlegion.org.uk. Please note that if your injury or illness happened on or before 5 April 2005 then your claim is assessed under the War Pensions Scheme, and if you're already receiving a War Disablement Pension through that scheme then your benefits won't change

Armed Forces pensions are extremely complex, with a number of schemes in operation. You may also be eligible for some sort of war pension, depending on your length of service, when you served and whether or not you were injured while in action. Am I eligible for a pension? How do I trace a non-services pension? War Pension Scheme; Am I eligible for a pension? There are currently four Armed. Nearly 100 veterans of the armed forces have received pension overpayments due to a clerical error, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said. The MoD said veterans would not have to repay the money, but instead it would request that the Treasury write it off If you're medically discharged from the armed forces, Veterans UK will, in some cases, automatically consider the illness or injury that led to your medical discharge and anything arising from it without you needing to submit a claim form. In all other circumstances, you'll need to submit claim form AFCS/WPS001 to Veterans UK The Armed Forces Pension Schemes (AFPS) have been amended and details of each change are described below. They are effective from: • 1 December 2018, AFPS 05 and AFPS 15, • 1 January 2019, AFPS 75. Background. All new entrants to the Regular Armed Forces joined one of the following pension schemes: • Until 5 April 2005 - AFPS 75. • From 6 April 2005 to 31 March 2015 - AFPS 05. In. What are the Armed Forces Pension Schemes? Armed Forces veterans receive one of the most generous pension schemes in the UK. There are currently three Armed Forces Pension Schemes (AFPS) for members of the Regular Armed Forces: • Armed Forces Pension Scheme 75 (AFPS 75); • Armed Forces Pension Scheme 05 (AFPS 05); an

EP makes the payment of all Armed Forces Pensions on behalf of Veterans UK. Where we refer to EP in this letter, it means that this is part of the process that they deliver on behalf of Veterans UK. Enquires relating to pension payments, changes to your banking details and P60 information should be directed to the EP Communications Centre. The service operates from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and you can contac

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