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another glee video! And it is again ''not a lead ship'' kind video;DI LOVE THEM. how you can't love them? they're flawless!and a year ago today died our Cor.. Later, Sebastian slushies Blaine with rock salt, where Santana then visits Dalton Academy to give Sebastian a piece of her mind. The two perform a duet, Smooth Criminal, Sebastian then admitting to tampering with the slushie. He then slushies Santana with a regular slushie Santana&Sebastian | We can learn to love again {eelG} - Duration: 4:21. Smooth Criminal (Glee Cast Version) - Duration: 3:35. Glee Cast - Topic 658,673 views. 3:35. Ricky Gervais at the Golden. It is sung by Santana and Sebastian and they are accompanied by 2CELLOS. The performance starts off when Santana decides to visit Dalton Academy to confront Sebastian about what he did to Blaine after their Michael Jackson Glee Club sing-off during the song, Bad, in the parking lot Santana returns Dalton to face off against Sebastian after he pulls another stunt against the New Directions. Determined to defend her team's good name, Santana strikes a deal with him but ends up giving - and getting - more than she signed up for

Sebastian Smythe is a recurring character on Glee during the third, fourth and fifth seasons. He is the former lead singer of the Dalton Academy Warblers, and is originally portrayed as the show's main villain in his introduction at the beginning of Season Three Santana Lopez & Sebastian Smythe (4) Rachel Berry/Finn Hudson (3) Sebastian Smythe & The Warblers (3) Minor or Background Relationship(s) (2) Jeff/Nick the Warbler (Glee) (2) Santana Lopez & Marley Rose (2) Include Additional Tags Santana Lopez & Sebastian Smythe Friendship (18) Fluff (5) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (5

[Santana (Sebastian):] I don't know! (Annie are you OK, Will you tell us, that you're OK) I don't know! (There's a sign in the window) I don't know! (That he struck you - A crescendo Annie) I don't know! (He came into your apartment) I don't know! (Left bloodstains on the carpet) I don't know why baby! (Then you ran into the bedroom) I don't know! (You were struck down) (It was your doom. Santana und Brittany bei Over the Rainbow. Tatsache, dass Sue bei den Regionals ein Jury Mitglied sein wird und erwähnt, dass Sue ihr und Brittany erzählt hat, dass sie dabei ist, den Glee Club zu zerstören. Wie die anderen Glee Kids ist sie mit den Auftritten zufrieden und rechnet sich gute Chancen aus und ist sicherlich auch enttäuscht, als der Glee Club nicht einmal platziert wird Sebastian and Santana went against each other, seeing as they were the two singing leads. He took this time to realize that she was also an incredible dancer. When the 'duels' broke up Sebatian could see a paper bag being passed around the Warblers -» Glee 15 Questions - Developed by: Em - Developed on: 2020-04-02 - 8,393 taken - 4 people like it This test is perfect for you if you're either a gleek like me or just want to know which Glee character you're most alike Sebastian and santana hate each other. But their parents are best friends. And they decided to go on a vacation to spain. sebastian and santana don't like that idea at a... Completed. sebtana; glee; sebastiansmythe +2 more # 7. Running home to you|~| Sebtana fan... by ellam905. 11.1K 169 16. Glee fanfic on Sebtana. warblers; sebtana; quinn +17 more # 8. Nothing goes to plan by Abby. 26.2K 500.

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  1. Disclaimer: I do not own glee, if I did it wouldn't be the awesomeness that it is now . One week. It had been one week since Sebastian Smythe had slushied Santana. And for once he actually felt sorry. It had been a week and still he felt like needed to apologise to the fierce Latina, but something stopped him. After he'd tried to sing his apology to Blaine and at the same time trying to get.
  2. Brittany und Santana bekritzeln das Jahrbuch. Bevor Kurt dem Glee Club Peter Gellars Foto zeigt, grinsen sich Brittany und Santana an. Die beiden sitzen mit Quinn in der Bibliothek und bekritzeln das Jahrbuch, was ihnen sichtlich Spaß macht. Im Chorraum informiert Rachel den Glee Club darüber, dass sie für einen Werbespot gebucht wurden, worauf Brittany Santana etwas ins Ohr flüstert und.
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  4. Sebastian calls upon Blaine along with Santana, Brittany, and Kurt to The Lima Bean. He apologizes to Blaine, saying that he is sorry about his eye. Blaine replies That means nothing to me. Sebastian tries to explain that the slushie was a lame prank that just went out of control. Sebastian appearing remorseful of his actions towards New Directions an

GLEE - Full Performance of Smooth Criminal.Originally performed by: Michael Jackson.Sung by: Santana Lopez/Naya Rivera and Sebastian Smythe/Grant Gustin.Epis.. TV Shows Glee. Follow/Fav The Show Must Go On. By: RoseFleur. When Santana and Sebastian's parents push them into an arranged marriage they are forced to comply with their demands and play their parts in the show. But at what point does the curtain fall and it stop being a show? Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Santana L., Sebastian S. - Chapters: 15 - Words: 32,507 - Reviews: 174 - Favs.

Sebastian Smythe est un élève de la Dalton Academy et membre des Warblers. Il est le nouveau leader de cette chorale dans la saison 3. Il est interprété par Grant Gustin. 1 Biographie 2 Saison 3 3 Saison 4 4 Saison 5 5 Performances 5.1 En Solo 5.1.1 Saison 3 5.2 En Duo 5.2.1 Saison 3 5.3 En Groupe 5.3.1 Saison 3 5.3.2 Saison 4 5.3.3 Saison 5 6 Anecdotes 7 Galerie Sebastian arrive à la. Hi there, this is a #Faceoff of Glee's Sebastian and Santana. Yeah, they are really mean to each other, sometimes they can be nice. And they are both gay whi.. The 'old' Sebastian, or his inner thoughts, are starting to change his mind, telling him that babies are just things that eat and poop. That all they do is cry and make everyone miserable

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With Rachel tired of the less then friendly treatment she receives at Mckinley she decides to join Santana in moving to the new private school for girls. Little does she know what will come of it. And who. Mainly Symtheberry with a side of klaine and brittana. Language: English Words: 583 Chapters: 2/? Kudos: 6 Hits: 134; All That I'll Ever Need by lovethatwewerein Fandoms: Glee Teen And Up. The New Directions are told to get Sebastian Smythe and bring him to the Glee club room. The New Directions do as their told then go into the Glee Room, there was a book, taped to the board. Once they started looking at it, it had random, embarrassing, and some childhood photos of the New Directions and Sebastian List of nicknames used on Glee (Source: Glee Wiki, some from memory). A few have been left out so if you can think of any just post in comments) _____ RACHEL Rach, A-Rach, Babe, (Finn) Miss Bossy Pants, Eva Peron (Mercedes) RuPaul, Man Hands, Treasure Trail, Stubbles, That Thing, Sweetie (Quinn) Yentl (Dakota, Santana) Boy Hips (Lauren.

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Discover more posts about Santana X Sebastian. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. karensfrank. Follow. Smooth Criminal. The sexual tension between Sebastian and Santana when they perform Smooth Criminal together is, like, wow. Just make out already and get it over with. I know they're both gay, but, damn that would be one sexy ass couple right there. #glee #santana x sebastian #i've seen this episode. #sebtana #santana and sebastian #Santana e sebastian #sebastian smythe #Santana Lopez #smooth criminal #michael jackson #warbles #new directions #nationals #glee #gleek #MY OTP IS PERFECT #otp #grant gustin #naya Rivera #naya is the best #omg #love #sexy #lesbian #gay #dream #dream ship #shipping #fandom #fangirling #fangir Er lernt Blaine Anderson kennen, als dieser seiner alten Schule einen Besuch abstattet. Sebastian ist sofort von Blaine begeistert und die beiden gehen direkt einen Kaffee trinken, wo Sebastian erfährt, dass Blaine vergeben ist. Dennoch versteckt er sein Interesse an Blaine nicht und macht ihm deutlich, dass er ihn gerne wieder sehen möchte Afterward, new Warbler Sebastian Smythe (Grant Gustin) makes a play for Blaine, intercut with Santana (Naya Rivera) and Rachel singing A Boy Like That from the musical. They later meet at a coffee shop, and Kurt arrives as Blaine is telling Sebastian that he already has a boyfriend Glee ist eine US-amerikanische Musical-Comedy-Fernsehserie.Die Serie wurde von 2009 bis 2015 von 20th Century Fox Television für den Sender Fox produziert und besteht aus sechs Staffeln und 121 Episoden. Glee wurde 2009, 2010 sowie 2011 unter anderem mit einem Golden Globe Award als die beste Serie ihres Genres ausgezeichnet. Die erste Staffel wurde in den Vereinigten Staaten 2009.

Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Flash and Glee universe. FanFiction. Just In Humor & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 26, words: 53k+, favs: 28, follows: 31, updated: 9/7/2020 published: 2/21/2020, Sebastian S., Santana L., Barry A./The Flash, Iris W. Gustgron by superflash80 esta es una historia de amor sobre Grant Gustin y Dianna Agron, basicamente se conozen. It is sung by the Dalton Academy Warblers and the New Directions, with solos from Artie (Kevin McHale), Blaine (Darren Criss), Santana (Naya Rivera) and Sebastian (Grant Gustin). The song marks the.. Apr 16, 2017 - Explore Nadine Finney's board Glee Santana and Sebastian on Pinterest. See more ideas about glee, santana, sebastian Bartholomew Henry Barry Sebastian Smythe is a recurring character on Glee during the third, fourth and fifth seasons. He is the former lead singer of the Dalton Academy Warblers, and is originally portrayed as the show's main villain in his introduction at the beginning of Season Three

Watch this Santana Lopez video, Santana slams Sebastian, on Fanpop and browse other Santana Lopez videos Santana Lopez; Dani (Glee) Sebastian's Grandmama; Sebastian's Grandpapa; Original Characters; Fluff; Mild Smut; Fashion Designer Kurt Hummel; Paris (City) Summary. Months leading up to Kurt's first ever Paris fashion week as a creative director and Sebastian just being the best boyfriend ever. Series. Part 3 of Everyone has two countries, his or her own— and France; Language: English Words.

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Though Santana has a history of relationships with a series of male characters, she is a lesbian and is currently in a relationship with her best friend Brittany Pierce, with whom she previously maintained a 'friends-with-benefits' arrangement in Season 1 and Season 2. Santana is portrayed by actress Naya Rivera Santana and Sebastian. added by TateDracoMalfoy. Source: 100% ME!!!!! I love these two together, and this took me FOREVER to make, so if you don't like it, don't say/comment it please . fan art. glee. naya. sebastian. heart. love. santana. This Glee fan art contains business suit. There might also be portrait, headshot, and closeup. lithiumchickie9 likes this. TateDracoMalfoy I wish there were.

Plot. Glee club members Mercedes (Amber Riley), Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) are disappointed that they missed their chance to sing Michael Jackson's music at Sectionals, so director Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) says that New Directions might include Jackson for the upcoming Regionals competition. Blaine (Darren Criss) performs Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' to. Superflash Everyone from Glee forgave Sebastian for everything. I don't own any of these characters, videos, or photos. Credits go to the owners. What Happens at the CCPD. 34.6K 1.7K 54. One-shots (or Two-shots) about Barry at the CCPD and doing CSI stuff. There will be some reveals and crossovers. And there might be a few that don't really have anything to do with the CCPD, and I just wanted.

Santana opened her mouth to answer, but Sebastian was already ahead of her. Grandmere, this is Santana Lopez, he explained slowly to his grandmother. She's in that other glee club I was telling you about earlier. Santana, this is my grandmother, Lucille Smooth Criminal by Santana and Sebastian in Glee. Genre smooth criminal Comment by puppy lover. Love glee and flash . 2021-02-17T19:58:18Z Comment by puppy lover. Naya RIP. 2021-02-17T19:57:59Z Comment by puppy lover. Hot and Run Barry Run . 2021-02-17T19:57:32Z Comment by ☁♥♥☁ @gwendolyn-hallenberger-28: does santana die?! bc thats my sisters fav. inquisitiveramblings asked: Santana's cheating on Brittany with Sebastian. Sebastian is telling Santana that they need to stop. He doesn't tell her the reason was because he fell in love with her and does not think Santana feels the same way Dec 19, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Maya. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres One of the more outlandish segments from the earlier Glee years — in which Santana and Sebastian (Grant Gustin) aggressively sing at each other over dueling cellos (it was a thing at the time) —..

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Santana is alone, angry and heartbroken. Brittany loves her, but isn't IN love with her. Santana is working on being ok with their friend status while trying not to kill Artie. A new girl comes to McKinley and happens to share DNA with one Rachel Berry A place for fans of Santastian (Santana and Sebastian) to watch, share, and discuss their favorite videos

Jan 19, 2017 - Santana and Sebastian singing Smooth Criminal. . Grant Gustin Glee. Santana and Sebastian singing Smooth Criminal. Saved by Soo. 33. Grant Gustin Glee Best Shows Ever Photo Editor I. Video of Glee - prévisualiser #1 from Michael airing TUE 1/31 for fans of Santastian (Santana and Sebastian). Sneak Peek from the Michael episode...great Sebastian quotes!!

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Give Me Love (Glee/Sebtana Fan Fiction) Teen Fiction. After Santana and Sebastian have a steaming sing-off, things were never the same. Santana wasn't paying attention in glee club, or to anyone at that; not even Brittany. Sebastian seemed more distant than he had ever been with the Warblers and New Di.. A place for fãs of Santastian (Santana and Sebastian) to watch, share, and discuss their favorito videos A place for fans of Santastian (Santana and Sebastian) to watch, share, and discuss their favorito! videos

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Video of Sebastian & Santana (Sebtana)- I seek you out for fans of Santastian (Santana and Sebastian). A cool, greatly edited video about the shipping fandom SEBTANA ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Smooth Criminal Lyrics: Uh, as he came into the window / It was the sound of a crescendo, uh! / He came into her apartment / He left the bloodstains on the carpet, uh! / She ran underneath the. crazy. [ santana lopez x oc ] [ glee au ] [ gxg ] rachelberry; santana; samevans +11 more # 16. A PERFECT MISTAKE, ... by merliya. 307K 5.8K 117. what if Puck got another girl pregnant? #1 rachelberry #1 noahpuckerman #2 finnhudson #2 quinnfabray #1 willschuester . Completed. glee; emmapillsbury; noahpuckerman +13 more # 17. Picture Perfect - Book 4 - Q.F. by. Santana returns to the glee club. Santana is backing Brittany to Rachel and Kurt stating why Brittany should be class president. Brittany and Santana are walking down the halls together when they announce the Run the World (Girls) flashmob. When Brittany starts singing, Santana stares at her with a smile on her face. She also holds the door open for her as Brittany dances down the hall and.

Aug 12, 2018 - I don't like Santana, but come on Sebastian After Warbler archenemy Sebastian seriously injured one of her teammates, Santana challenged The Criminal Chipmunk to a duel. And since this is Glee , all duels are settled through song Attention Glee fans who love Brittany and Santana: Cancel your Valentine's Day plans now!. No, really. Your significant other will toooootally understand you can't take that private jet to Rome. Glee - Wie groß ist dein Wissen? Beweise deine Kenntnisse in diesen Tests und Quizzes. Teste dich - gratis und kostenlo

Fanfiction Glee New Directions Sebastian Smythe Finn Hudson Puck Kurt Hummel Santana Lopez Quinn Fabrey Rachel Berry Alexia Hudson is the twin sister of Finn Hudson and the step-sister of Kurt Hummel Mar 9, 2021 - Unique Glee Stickers designed and sold by artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Get up to 50% off. White or transparent. Explore • Art • Drawings • Embellishment Drawing.. Product sold by redbubble.com. Santana Sticker. March 2021. Millions of unique designs by independent artists. Find your thing. Saved by Redbubble. 2. Naya Rivera Glee Quotes.

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Smooth Criminal Glee's cover of Smooth Criminal is the best cover that was ever done in the history of the series. From the dueling cellist (played by internet duo 2Cellos) to the tense atmosphere, it's like Grant Gustin (Sebastian Smythe) and Naya Rivera's Santana were, like, battling to the death bards are something Dec 20, 2013 - GLEE - MJ tribute - Santana & Sebastian Smooth Criminal : Glee: 10 Best Songs Covered By Santana. From Santana's start on Glee, she made it clear she wasn't the type to be trifled with. As the seasons went on, she became a more complex character

Um Santana, die gerade geoutet wurde, zu unterstützen, veranstaltet Finn eine Ladys-Woche im Glee-Club. Coach Beiste hat in Cooter endlich einen Mann gefunden, doch Sue schnappt ihn ihr weg, weil sie nicht für eine Lesbe gehalten werden will. Kurt macht sich Sorgen um die Schulsprecherwahlen, denn wenn er verliert, hat er keine Chance, in NYADA aufgenommen zu werden Accompanied by 2Cellos, Santana and Warblers rival Sebastian Smythe (Grant Gustin) performs this cover as a battle duet. It's a high-energy cover that even the King of Pop would have probably enjoyed. It's an iconic number that fans say is one of the best duets on the show. At the end of the performance, Santana says she was better, and no one could argue with her on that. 9 Landslide. Discover more posts about sebastian-glee. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. just-a-glittery-fan. Follow. If your favorite duet on Glee was Smooth Criminal, you're bisexual. This is peak bisexual culture, I don't make the rules. #glee #sebastian glee #santana lopez #grant gustin #naya rivera #smooth criminal #bi culture #bi positivity #lgbtpride #lgbtq community #i take no criticism. 130 notes.

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This Michael-Jackson duet by Santana and Sebastian (Grant Gustin) has impressive vocals, but it was the guest appearance of viral sensations 2Cellos (a real-life Croatian group) that really stood out — or stole the scene as Entertainment Weekly's Joseph Brannigan Lynch put it Grant Gustin as Sebastian Smythe; Nolan Gerard Funk as Hunter Clarington; Episode chronology ← Previous Dynamic Duets Next → Swan Song Glee : List of Glee episodes Thanksgiving is the eighth episode of the fourth season of the American musical television series Glee, and the seventy-fourth episode overall. Written by Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner, and directed by Bradley Buecker. Fantasy Glee Kurt Hummel Quinn Fabray Santana Lopez Blaine Anderson There has always been a divide between witches and humans. Recently, that divide has only grown. Not everyone believes in witches, but those who do are after them. They're always in danger, having to hide their true selves out of fear of losing their life or being experimented on against their w... Show more featured. Add. Sie and Santana were AWFUL people who get a pass WAY to often. Sebastian is isane and a terrible person (he should have been arrested after he assaulted Blaine and almost blinded him) Will and Finn get more crap than they deserve from the fandom. Honestly Sue is way worse than Will is and the only times (that I can remember) where he did REALLY questionable things was just to move the story to. Santana Lopez/Brittany S. Pierce; Santana Lopez; Brittany S. Pierce; Santana Lopez/Brittany S. Pierce Fluff; Episode: s03e07 I Kissed A Girl; Summary. Canon based fluffy Brittana with some angst, following on from 3 x 07. It is based around their love languages, and also fills in the gaps of some of their major arcs in Glee, and follows on.

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Santana has been known to pick on fellow glee club member Rachel for her diminutive stature (Listen to Dwarf Diane Warren). After their performance of 'Smooth Criminal', some fans have taken to calling the coupling of Sebastian and Santana 'Sebtana'. It is an interesting pairing, considering that both characters are gay, and as Sebastian's actor Grant Gustin noted, Santana's coming out. Glee is an American musical-comedy-drama television series that aired on the Fox network in the United States from May 19, 2009 to March 20, 2015. 1 Plot 2 Characters 3 Ships 3.1 Het 3.2 Slash 3.3 Femslash 3.4 Family 3.5 Friendship 4 Fanon 5 Fandom 6 List 7 Notes and References GLEE is a musical comedy about a group of ambitious and talented young adults in search of strength, acceptance and.

Santana Lopez - Glee wikiDrunk In Love (Glee & Mike Chang Fanfiction) - Chapter 5Kurt Hummel | Glee wiki | Fandom powered by WikiaDalton Academy Warblers – Glee Wiki - Glee Wiki - NewFinn Hudson | Glee wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaFinn Hudson - Glee wiki

Discover more posts about sebastian glee. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. dylkntz. Follow. Broken Promises and Second Chances. Second chances came rare, not many were lucky enough to be given the chance to start over. To fix what was broken, to say unsaid things. But there are some who are. Ao3 link . #might re do the moodboard one day #but until then #I might make this into a series #idk #but I'm. Jan 30, 2012 - Get breaking celeb and entertainment news, photos, and videos about all your favorite Hollywood stars from Wetpaint Smooth Criminal - Glee (Santana & Sebastian) (+) Smooth Criminal - Glee (Santana & Sebastian) 2016-02-10 13:34:44 [Sebastian:] Uh, as he came into the window It was the sound of a crescendo, uh! He came into her apartment He left the bloodstains on the carpet, uh! She ran underneath the table He could see she was unable So she ran into the bedroom She was struck down It was her doom Annie are.

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